Gemme Hiens' Secret La Salle Monument  
Historical Marker

  Nineteen March of sixteen eighty seven,  
An Old Fashioned Norman Bound for Heaven,  
Shot instead with a bullet to his head!  
A Gruesome Death any of us would dread!

  Like Old Normans, of conquests he had dreamed,  
Not a tragic death, at a Poteau Stream!
The Grand Nom, Monsieur Cavelier, was he!
Surely not victim, Du Haut's treachery!

  The Grand Nom's race seemed to end in disgrace,  
Not even a Monument for the place,
Where an Assassin's bullet cut him down!
Not even a place to call hallowed ground!

Yes, but an Artist and Lover of Runes,  
Made Hiens' Monument for Grand Nom of Rouen;
A Secret Monument for de La Salle!
Which some day would be admired by us all!

  La Salle's Secret Monument, made with Runes,  
Not to be seen, by just any buffoons!
A Runic Riddle, La Salle's Name and Dates,
The shame to mitigate, of his French mates!

  The Secret La Salle Rune Stone Monument!  
To honor a hero with due Lament;
A Marker for the Historical Place,
Where Famous de La Salle ended his race.

  © Copyright 2000,   Lee W. Woodard

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