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Books By Dr. Lee W. Woodard

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Mysterious Heavener, Oklahoma Runestone is a 1687 Normandy French Monument. It tells nearby Death Locations for Famous French Explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle and six others. This book tells the initial discovery.

The newer book, "7 Noms" At Wicked Fork Where La Salle Died should be consulted for updated clarifications and recent Newspaper and Television Coverage.


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Fascinating true life story of the 1687 Historic La Salle Expedition Drowning Tragedy which claimed life of a young French Noble. That death resulted in the Old Arkansas Oral Legends about Petit Jean's Mountain and River.      This is an important sequel to the book "Secret La Salle Monument And Historical Marker."

To supplement this coverage of fascinating Early French Colonial American History consult Dr. Woodard's newest book, "7 Noms" At Wicked Fork Where La Salle Died. 


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Codex (Kodex) W is the ONLY set of Original First Century AD Gospel Manuscripts ever identified. 

This is the greatest New Testament discovery to date.

We can now see covertly (yet still adequately recognizable) Aramaic Dates of Composition, and Scribal-Church Community Locations of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John ! 

This book also presents what will become recognized as the definitive solution of the so called "Synoptic Problem."

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